Relax. Explore.

North Liberty Lake.

Local Character

& Prosperity

Support the local businesses where you live, work and play.

Urban Design.

A perfect blend of retail and residential mixed at a finer scale.

While You're Here


From restaurants to live music, trails to stunning sunsets, there are plenty of ways to enjoy company with others.


Local-based businesses that provide the day-to-day convenient services for our community.


Trails, parks and open spaces only steps away from popular amenites.

Our Businesses

For over 150 years, Liberty Lake has been a place for people to gather. As our community continues to grow, we want to provide both residents and visitors with an array of homegrown businesses which source local food, offer local products and support local families.

The Story of NoLL

Liberty Lake is known for having a very strong sense of place. It prides itself on being a socially connected community.


NoLL (North Liberty Lake) extends this sense of community by providing people with amenities that are easily accessible by the local trail system, community focused events and sharing in Liberty Lake's history of being a place for everyone to gather.

Get In Touch

Whether you're a neighbor, a customer or visiting NoLL for the first time, we want to hear from you.
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